California girl living in and exploring the beautiful city of Stockholm. I'm a visual designer, thinker, strategist and forever learner.

A year ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and launched a Kickstarter campaign with my friend and collaborator. We hatched an idea, prototyped and tested it and six months later shipped a finished product, THINK DECK, out to customers all over the world.

Two days after sending out the last boxes, I packed my bags and moved to Stockholm. This step was just one of a series of risks I had taken in the last few years. Before my move, I had left a job of almost ten years, traveled the world for a year and a half learning about new cultures and getting in touch with my cultural roots in my parent’s homeland, and creating THINK DECK, a culmination of my learnings about transitions and finding clarity in the midst of change.

With 10+ years of experience in business and design, I am now looking for a new tribe. I am interested in opportunities in graphic design, both digital and print, with companies making meaningful change in Stockholm, Sweden. I bring my enthusiasm to learn, a love for collaboration, my corny jokes, and my big smile and laugh which you will see and hear often.