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How do we share our experience and knowledge of managing a big career and life transition? 

THINK DECK, a deck of 60 thought provoking question cards that can help you reframe problems, revisit old ideas, and think deeply about your life. The first run was successfully funded by Kickstarter.

THINK DECK has been successfully used and adapted in school, personal, therapy and business environments in the United States. It is currently sold on
Sometimes we get stuck. We may realize that something – our career, our environment, a relationship – does not feel quite right, yet the reasons why may be complicated and unclear. A wall of uncertainty can stand between us and the decisive next step.
THINK DECK guides you through meaningful introspection that can lead you forward through life's changes. With an open mind, clarity can be just a few cards away.
THINK DECK went from a vague idea between friends to a finished product shipped all over the world in six months. Wow! The optimist in me never doubted that we could accomplish this but it was through a successful partnership that we did it so quickly.

Philip, my business partner-in-crime, had just left a CTO position for a financial tech company he had helped found. I was on the tail end of a year long sabbatical following my resignation from an internal in-house design team where I worked for more than nine years. I had been growing restless for a few years and with the help of an executive coach, I explored different personal development options within my company. I kept a blue, beat up five year vision notebook and did a lot of writing and reading during this period. The result was personal insight poured into THINK DECK.

Philip and I shared questions we both asked ourselves during our career transitions and developed a prototype very quickly. We tested it with friends and family, iterating as we received feedback. We launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production and in less than 24 hours we met our goal. What started as a small passion project turned into a mindfulness and learning tool applied beyond our original intentions and expectations. We received feedback from customers using the tool in group therapy sessions, college counselors engaging with students, recreational groups getting to know each other and a business organization using the deck for employee development.   

THINK DECK was both a personal and business success. I learned about building a good partnership and trusting my instincts. We had some hiccups and failures along the way but they were all lessons for us to grow and learn from. You can check us out at